I was two years old when the first TMNT comic was published by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, but by the time I was seven, the groundbreaking arcade game and record breaking movie had been released and all of popular culture seemed to centre around the Ninja Turtles. We had the games, the t-shirts, the action figures and everyone had their favourite turtle (Donatello, obviously). This print commissioned by iam8bit and licensed by Nickelodeon was a labour of love and a real trip down memory lane for me revisiting the films, cartoons, comics and toys to pack this piece full of references that TMNT fans can pore over.
It is made up of over 1.1 million pixels of customized sprites and the archival quality giclée print is 3 ft long. It was only available for a super limited time. If you missed out, then you might be able to pick up an Artist’s Print in my store.

Below, the piece is broken into segments that you can click on to enlarge ⤵
Photographs of the 36 inch print, framed.
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