Here is a selection of t-shirt designs I've made. Some of them are still available if you look out for links in the captions. It's a diverse collection. I have always attempted to execute my ideas in styles that best suit the concepts and that versatility and adaptability is something I am proud of. 
Foam Monster In Emotional Reunion with Severed Limb (Shop at Threadless)
The Daywalker (Shop at Threadless)
Party Pieces
It Came Out of Nowhere (Shop at shirt.woot)
Not As Far As You Think (Shop at Threadless)
Identifying Flying Objects
Freaks In The Fun House
Eating Brains, Throwing Shapes
Infamous Mishaps Throughout History, collaboration with Mitch Ansara (Shop at Threadless)
Yeti Hated His Size 5 Feet
THWIP, THWIP, KRAK! (Shop at Threadless)
8-Bit Investigation
I'm Sure I Used To Fit
Rhinos Hunt In Packs
Architecture 101 (Shop at Threadless)
Street Brawler
Haunted Hedge Maze
Bad Day
Tactical Diversion
Conservation Status
Smoke & Mirrors
Be Cool
Sands of Time
Television Made Me Do It (Shop at Threadless)
B-52 Water Bombers
21st Century Pirate
The Meaning of Life
Event Horizon, collaboration with Joe Van Wetering (Shop at Threadless)
Finnish Hymn, culture-defining collaboration with Olly Moss (Shop at Threadless)
Punk Rock Cock (Shop at Threadless)
Bank Robbery Bear (Shop at Threadless)
The End of The Road (Shop at Threadless)
The Deadliest Sharks of All Time (Shop at Threadless)
Superpower Ballad (Shop at Threadless)
Bigfoots Watch In Bewilderment
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