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The Sword of Destiny

The Sword of Destiny


A screen print for the Gallery 1988 Arrested Development art show in 2012. AD is one of my favourite shows ever and when it comes to picking a starting point for an art piece, it offers an embarrassment of riches. In the end, I did a poster for my favourite episode: 'Sword of Destiny'. Apart from being brilliantly funny (with cameos from Dan Castellaneta and Ben Stiller) it's a great episode because the writers use plot devices and double-entendres from the go to take a side-swipe at FOX for reducing and re-scheduling the show (before ultimately cancelling it). I attempted to make my print a continuation of that. If you haven't seen the show then watch all 3 seasons on Netflix. If you have seen it, then watch this episode again.

This print sold out at Gallery 1988 but I recently found a few APs and they are available to buy now. Prints are unframed. They will be rolled in acid-free tissue paper and and shipped in super strong postal tubes.

  • Medium: 2 colour screen print
  • Stock: Sirio 240gsm
  • Dimensions: 24 x 18 in (610 x 458 mm)
  • Edition: 30, numbered and signed
  • Artist's Prints: 3, signed
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