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Room 237

Room 237


My Room 237 poster for Mondo. Room 237 is a documentary film that explores themes and hidden meanings in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

For this poster I thought it would be fun to weave some of the themes of the film into the artwork in a way that reflected the essence of the film. There's a dozen or so disguised symbols in the artwork. Some more obvious than others.

The edition sold by Mondo was 175 and those were hand numbered but not signed. The edition is SOLD OUT. The prints for sale here are some of the 25 APs (Artists Prints) that I have signed.

Please note: Some elements of the artwork were lost by the printer during the complicated preparation of the screens - including the footprints and Kubrick's face in the moon. This effected all prints in the edition and the APs. I personally think that this makes it rare and desirable like The Inverted Jenny.

Prints are unframed. They will be rolled in acid-free tissue paper and and shipped in super strong postal tubes.

  • Medium: 5 colour screen print
  • Stock: 250gsm white
  • Dimensions: 24 x 18 in (610 x 458 mm)
  • Edition:175, hand-numbered, signed
  • Artist's Prints: 25, signed
sold out
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