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Hand-Held Heroes

Hand-Held Heroes


In 1990 I got a Game Boy for Christmas. It was the first games console I ever owned and it was my most prized possession. I was having a think about what to do for the ‘iam8bit Entertainment System‘ gallery show, and I thought it would be cool to pay tribute to that little green screen that gave me my start in console gaming.

Prints are unframed. They will be rolled in acid-free tissue paper and and shipped in super strong postal tubes. Expect a few flecks and imperfections because of the nature of the screen print process.

  • Medium: 3 colour screen print
  • Stock: Colorplan Pistachio green stock
  • Dimensions: 12" x 16"
  • Edition: 100, numbered and signed
  • Artist's Prints: 4, signed
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