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Bern Is Life

Bern Is Life

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2 color Letterpress print created to celebrate Bernie's yooge win in New Hampshire, and his baller skills. Made in, and shipped from Los Angeles.

Now shipping to international customers. US customers can buy prints from within the US at Please note, prints in this store are signed by the artist and prints on are not sined by the artist.

Proceeds from sales cannot go to Bernie but in order to directly support Bernie, eligible US citizens can donate directly to Bernie. You must be U.S. citizen to contribute. See conditions.

This is an unframed print.

  • Medium: Letterpress Print
  • Stock: Brilliant White Reich Savoy 184 lb
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 in (254 x 254 mm)
    • Edition: 99, numbered
    • Artist's Prints: TBC

    Prints are unframed. They will be packaged in acid-free sleeves and sandwiched between two sheets of cardboard for rigidity and protection.

    PLEASE NOTE! (11 April 2015) Prints are currently in being shipped to me from the USA. Please expect a week or delay before shipping begins. Thank you!


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