A selection of screen prints I've produced over the years. I would always relish the visit my screen print studio to discuss options, try new things and generally have a nose around at what is being made! The process of testing and selecting the inks and paper weights then seeing work converted from digital screen to a hand-produced physical item never stops being magical. Below is a mixture of commissioned works, personal projects, and gallery show submissions. 
'Baby Makin' Music'
'First World Problems'
'It Came Out of Nowhere'
'Wild Goose Chase'
This one is actually a letterpress print and an opportunity to try something different.
'Not Sure If Art'
'I Am The Danger'
'Room 237'
6 screen print for Mondo. Room 237 is a documentary film about Kubrick's The Shining, filled with easter eggs.
Solo Show
'The Horde'
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