The production team at Immaterial wanted bold key artwork for their new podcast that featured the hosts and provided a snapshot of the culture and scale of the beautiful game. For the title treatment I took inspiration from stadium card stunts, which speaks to the fan experience and the unifying power of football.
The podcast moves beyond the traditional boundaries of sports commentary to explore the lives of football's most interesting figures, treating them not just as athletes, but as complex individuals with rich stories that extend far beyond the pitch. Whether the episodes are about Messi, Abramovich, Cruyff, Şükür or Haaland, Heroes & Humans is the go-to podcast for football audio-biographies, released once weekly on Thursdays.
The first episode; Kylian Mbappé, is released 22 March 2024

Design: Aled Lewis, Photography: Frida Vega Salomonsson

Simon Kuper, acclaimed by Time Magazine as "one of the world's leading writers on soccer," and an awarded Financial Times columnist, brings a three-decade career of interviewing and understanding the personalities that define the world’s greatest sport. Having attended the last nine World Cups and boasting Europe's largest football library, Simon's insights are rooted in a profound depth of knowledge and passion for football.

Mehreen Khan, whose day job is as the Economics Editor at The Times, believes football is a "brilliant shortcut in how to understand societies, economies, and politics". She is a football obsessive and die-hard Chelsea fan. With her ability to intertwine socio-political narratives with pop culture savvy, Mehreen stands out in the football podcasting landscape. Her presence as one of the few female voices adds a valuable dimension, broadening the conversation for listeners.

Together, Simon and Mehreen aim to share insights into what makes our figures tick and understand where they come from. Their dynamic interchange offers listeners not just sports commentary but a cultural expedition. Join us on "Heroes & Humans" as we embark on this journey, presenting football's iconic figures not just as athletes, but as multifaceted humans with stories that transcend the pitch. Through our podcast, we aim to explore their personal journeys, challenges, triumphs, and the human emotions that unite us all.
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