Good news: If you want to see your favourite artist live, the only thing you need to do is to invite them to your place! This is Guestar’s revolution, the online platform that has rewritten the rules of live concerts by bringing them to extraordinary locations, such as your home. In this campaign, the homey feeling that stands at the foundation of Guestar is reinterpreted to the extreme. The campaign mixes two apparently contrasting languages – concert posters and cross-stitching – thus creating a sort of oxymoron. Why cross-stitching? Because in our collective imagination, cross-stitching is something you do at home as an ornament or memory for special occasions that are part of family life, such as christenings, weddings or, as in our case, epic home concerts! 
The set of three images was initially created as a digital 70px X 100px pixel art design canvas before being translated into cross-stitch patterns.
Each of the three patterns was hand-stitched with 3-thread cotton on 14 stitch per inch white Aida fabric, using more than 40 different colours and nuances.
Agency: The Ad Store Italia
Illustrator: Aled Lewis
Embroidery Artist: Thu Ha Nguyen
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